Brillo Box Development Group ~
Creativity and ability through occupation, arts, music and design ~

BRiLLO’s works reflect his love of music, community, nature, wood-crafting, painting, textiles and design using items deemed as useless.

BRiLLO began working as a professional musician and artisan in 1983 creating works of art for commercial use and private collections.  He has won several awards for his music, compositions, paintings and dimensional works of art.

BRiLLO’s primary work includes one of a kind BRiLLO Box Thumb Pianos and his original Bird Nest Bags both created using found, recycled and upcycled items.  He also teaches music at Eclectic Music in Atlanta, GA featuring his specialty class, Found Sounds.  BRiLLO is also working on a coloring book for young music students.

BRiLLO is also performing with several highly talented Atlanta area musicians including the Buckhead Club regular house band, Cool Shadows.

Bill Shadle,  BRiLLO K, Gregor Wilson

More about BRiLLO the artist~

Working in the hot Georgia sun.  .  .



Recent Thumb Piano designs constructed from upcycled water pipes and wall racks, scrap wood, bailing wire and found objects.